The firm was established May 2014 and registered in Singapore under the name Designers of Modern Art. Our first initial services are in architectural and interior design. As we are in progress and dealing with different clients and business owner we started to be involve in design branding and graphics art. 


Design is our passion. Architecture, interior design, graphics and product design is where we devote most of our time. We love arts, good photos anything that has a visible flair on it. As we are also an architectural firm, we also extend our expertise to graphics design which we find it is a very useful tools today. With the worlwide popularity of social media sites and interaction is getting more and more popular these days, so we explore ourselves to use the right system for our advertisement use and services as well.

Thank you for visiting our site and we can extend our to give educational advice to young aspiring designers, students, a person who likes art and kids who has the passion in art. Contact us by email and do chat with us.





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